Update! FUJITV added “FIGHTING TV サムライ (Ch.72)” and “アイドル専門チャンネルPigoo (Ch.73)”

Recently, a lot of people said that they were hoping to watch some Japanese pro wrestling, MMA & Boxing and also some guys asked if there is a channel for sexy girls entertainment.

Today, FUJITV has finally realized everyone’s wish. The best Japan TV App added “Samurai Fighting TV (Ch.72)” and “Pigoo HD (Ch.73)”.

Now, follow me and go to learn about them.

About Samurai Fighting TV (FIGHTING TV サムライ Ch.72)

Samurai Fighting TV is a sports channel dedicated to martial arts. It broadcasts martial arts related programming with news, highlights, live matches and classic flicks. You can watch the Samurai Fighting TV channel online via FUJITV with high quality stream, support 7 days replay.

About Pigoo HD (アイドル専門チャンネルPigoo Ch.73)

Pigoo HD (Idol Major Channelpigou) is an entertainment channel that airs a wide range of programming to entertain viewers of varied interests, including talk shows, comedy programs, female idols and voice actors operated. It is possible to watch it with FUJITV IPTV service.

If you want to learn more about Samurai Fighting TV and Piggo channel, please watch live stream on https://fujitv.live/fujitv .


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