2017 FUJITV Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals - 20% OFF and Extra 1 ~ 2 Months

FUJITV Free Gift Activity (From Nov. 10th to Nov. 27th, 2017)
Offer free TV live service up to in total. User Guide: https://fujitv.live/userguide
Choose Ways to Win FUJITV Free Gift

1.Upload Video to YouTube(15-day Free Gift)

Upload video to YouTube with the contained characters “FUJITV” in title and share Example Content below in the description content. Share the using experiences, make a recommendation, say something to FUJITV, record the TV show you like, etc. Any subject you hope to share about FUJITV is OK.

2.Post Comments Online (15-day Free Gift)

Write the comment or review for FUJITV and post it to forums, blogs, review sites or any other site you are familiar with. FUJITV link (https://fujitv.live/fujitv) must be contained.

3.Share FUJITV Link to Social Media Sites (Up to 15-day Free Gift)

Share Example Content below to the home page of your social media account like Facebook, Reddit, Google Plus, Instagram or Twitter. 7-day free gift. Another 8-day service if containing more than 10 likes, namely 15-day in total.

4.Share Link to Groups of Social Media Sites (15-day Free Gift)

Share Example Content below to some groups of the social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Google Plus.

Copy The Content Below to Share (Example Content):

I am watching Japanese Live TV online with FUJITV: https://fujitv.live/fujitv

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