Install FUJITV apk on Amazon Fire TV or Stick via adbFire

Looking for a easy app to watch Japanese TV live on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire tv stick? FUJITV is definitely the first choice! FUJITV is the best Japan Live TV app and supports almost all Android system’s TV devices, including Amazon Fire TV box and Fire TV stick. So, how to make FUJITV app work on Amazon Fire TV or Fire stick? Keep reading.


Here, FUJITV’ll show you how to install FUJITV apk onto the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick using adbFire, so that you can easily watch japanese tv live streaming on Fire TV or Fire tv stick with your Android smart tv.


Steps on Watching Japan TV Live online on Amazon Fire TV or Stick via adbFire


Step 1. Insert Amazon Fire TV stick into your Android smart TV or connect the Fire TV box to your Android Smart TV.


Step 2. Go to “Settings” -> “Device” -> “Developer Options”, turn on two options: “ADB debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

Step 3. And then back to “About” -> “Network” and you will see IP address and record it.

Step 4. Then switch to your PC, click here to save FUJITV APK on your PC (Do not try to double click to install it) and click here to get adbFire setup on PC.


Step 5. Double-click to run the adbfire file that has been downloaded.


Step 6. Enter the IP address of the Fire TV inside the Device address box, click “connect”, and you will see in the bottom Device connected. Click Install APK, select the FUJITV APK you just downloaded, click OK when installed.

Step 7. Then switch to Fire TV or Fire tv Stick and click “Settings” -> “Applications” -> “Manage All Installed Applications”, select “FUJITV” and click Launch application and you will see the interface of FUJITV.

That’s all! It’s so easy! Now you can enjoy Japan 72 channels tv shows live or 7 days replay on Amazon Fire TV or Stick with FUJITV!


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