FUJITV Mac Version of APP Is Officially Released!

FUJITV Mac APP was publicly released in July of the year 2018. The APP makes you watch Japanese TV streams more easily and conveniently in a flash-free way. In addition, more new features can be accessed in this Machos APP.

Main Features:

  1. Steam 89 Japanese TV channel library.
  2. 14 days’ playback as a catchup TV.
  3. Download any program to enjoy offline.
  4. Collect all favorite TV channels to find them easily.
  5. Allow to set Child Lock.

New Features:

  1. Watch TV in a full screen mode.
  2. Freely resize the player window.
  3. Two available language interface: English and Japanese.
  4. Save CPU via hardware decoding and rendering.


Download and Know More

It is time to watch Japan TV programs on Machos computers without depending on the browser and the flash plugin. Let’s get started at https://fujitv.live

We have been striving to offer excellent service for all the users living outside of Japan. FUJITV is one the way and never stops.

New Desktop version for Windows PC makes Japan TV live viewing more freely, faster and easier. Let’s start to experience it! [Login, Register or Subscriptions]