2017 FUJITV Halloween Promotions Countdown! Last 7 Hours!

In order to help global Japanese nationals to watch hometown live TV channels easily and more cheaply this Halloween, FUJITV launched a very large discount Halloween promotion activities:

* 20% OFF + extra 1 month for 3-month subscribers (4 months).

* 20% OFF + extra 2 months for 1 year subscribers (14 months).

The deadline is on Nov. 6th, 2017.

Just email to sales@fujitv.live or support@fujitv.live with subscribed email box address once the order is completed. We will extend the TV live service time for you.

2017 fujitv halloween promotion


FUJITV is the perfect and high quality Japan IPTV Live service for all Japanese overseas in the world, it provides 74 Japanese TV channels and supports all TV shows online broadcast, the last 7 days of playback and the next 7 days program guide. You can watch your favorite variety shows anytime, anywhere on your cellphone, or you can sit on a comfy couch and watch the hottest TV shows, movies or accompany your children to watch Children’s programs on TV, and also you can watch a wealth of sports, like Sumo, Japan professional baseball, golf and the Japan Professional Soccer League and so on in your quiet study on your computer.

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Happy Halloween 2017! 😛